Making waves

I live with three ducks, two brothers, a gorilla suit and mom. One of my brothers is a clown. No serious, that's his job. And he enjoys it. My youngest brother is studying to become a multimedia designer (is that what you're called upon graduation?). Oh well, that's what he'll do eventually. Mom likes art. She's probably the channel through which our artistic genes came from. (I'm really not that artistic. My hair's black and I've only two holes in both my ears). Mom does the flowers at church almost every week. The ducks at home are a part of my brother's clowning antics. They're real.

I'm 25 and work as designer cum copywriter cum accounts executive for a small scale advertising company. We don't have a huge clientelle, but enough to keep our computers running five hours a day.

I was launched into the working world about 5 and a half years ago. My first pseudo-job was freelance designing. Upon graduating as a designer, I had three options. 1) join an ad agency, 2) do something totally unrelated (like sell electric gates or fix computers -like several of my college classmates); or 3) freelance as a designer. I opted freelance work. Well, it was a 'pseudo-job' because the one job I almost did didn't quite happen. It was a logo design for a political party. My logo wasn't politically-savvy enough to fly full-mast on their would-be political flag. How creative can you get with a lighthouse as the focal icon (but hey, I wrung litres of creative juice to come up with something I thought was suitable). Anyways, I've not seen the party ever since.

So, the doors opened eventually and I became a youth worker with an International Christian Non-Goverment Organisation. I was the art director of a youth mag called 'Phases'. Besides enduring late production nights and laborious editorial meetings, yawn, I got my hands dirty with camp organisations and sermon-preaching at youth meetings. If you don't know what a sermon is, it's for some, the snooze button on your Nokia 3315. No i'm kidding.

Sermons are talks or messages that help you understand the Bible in our modern light. Speakers (or Preachers) try to help people understand some of its valuable truths and how it applies to us today (since we're language, generations and cultures apart). What would a 2000+ year old Jewish book have to do with us today? Here's where sermons shed some light. So, I try to communicate its message to Malaysian young people. Well, some have the tendency to overdo or under-do their sermons. I've fallen into these categories more than once. But hey, I try.

After four and a half years there, I'm now settling in a design company owned by a friend. This is where my new job description (in paragraph 2) unfolds. I've been here for a month plus. I enjoy working with people (preferably gagged and blindfolded people). And am always on the look out for challenges. I think. So, here's my blog. Never quite payed attention to what a blog is. So this is my inaugaral intro.

Just making waves ...



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