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The Problem Solver

So that spider in the picture sort of represents me at this point in time: I am either building new connections or mending broken ones. At 40 and white-haired, I'm still on an introspective journey to discover what I am suppose to be doing with my life. Or in a Christian sense, am I doing what I am called to do.

A big part of the reflection is: yes. Somehow, in some cosmic-arrangement-divine-intervention-level sort of phenomenon (beyond my control and common sense), I have rebounded back to what I thought I'd be doing in life. Here I am in 2019 fumbling through that 'call' of working with young people. I got acquainted with that 'call' to work with young people when I was fondly labeled as young people (okay, fine. When I was about 16 - a few years ago). Over the years, the desire to work with marginalised young people or youths on the fringes of society became a little more appealing.

I almost got dragged into church work. I say dragged because a lot of well-…

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