Key Performance Index

Dearest family, friends and people who owe me money.

The weeks have been spilling into months without me realising how fast time is moving. Work has taken centrestage in my waking and sleeping hours (in other words 24/7). Time for friends have been minismised to text-messages and blog comments. Family time is redefined as "the five minutes of catching up before everyone goes to bed". My time with God happens while I'm dividing my attention between Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop on my E-mac. (I'm a designer).

Currently, I'm working on two killer design projects. What kills (besides the 15- hour exposure to conditioned air daily) is the fact that both deadlines are clashing and equally demanding. When I think of an animal that aptly depicts my work progress, I think of the tortoise. Slow, steady and cold-blooded. Need I explain more? Well, I'm not the quickest designer in town. And demanding jobs are always due yesterday. You get the picture.

Here's a brief account of my work week as of 9 April 2005.
(for those wanting to marry me, you might want to reconsider in view of my hectic lifestyle)

9 & 10: Alpha Weekend @ Hotel Equatorial *happy smiley face*

11: 8am - 11pm work

1am - 6.45am sleep
Total work : 15 hrs
Total sleep : 5 hrs 45 min

12: 9am - 2.30pm (13 April) work
3.30pm - 9pm sleep
1am - 7.30 am sleep
Total work : 29 hrs 30 min
Total sleep: 12 hrs

14: 9am - 4pm (15 April) work
5pm - 8pm sleep
3am - 9.30am sleep
Total work: 31 hrs
Total sleep: 9 hrs 30 min

16: 12pm: lunch withUncle Moby
2pm - 6.15 pm work
9pm - 11.30pm family dinner
1.30am - 7am sleep
Total work: 4 hrs 15 min
Total sleep: 5 hrs 30 min

17: 8.30am - church service
2.30pm - 8pm work
9pm - 10.30pm Drink with Tim
11pm - 2am work at home
2am - 7.30am sleep
Total work: 5 hrs 30 min
Total sleep: 4 hrs 30 min

This week, the cycle repeats almost similarly.

Write me and tell me how your week's going? Mine's going.



cyber-red said…
I lie the part you mentioned in small print "consider marrying you' part..damn funny =)
daenielle said…
My schedule is begging to get very hectic. I have less than a month before leave and in that time I have to climb a mountain, go for a 4 day camp, decide which university I want to spend 2 years at, pack for the move of my life, finish the paper I'm writing at work and somehow present it before I go, keep the house from burning down when both my parents are overseas and somehow, I've gotta prepare myself emotionally since I'm going to be leaving my only support system of friends and family.

But I still think you have it worse...
Kev ... said…
Cyber-red: Ha ha... Well, its safe for me to place a disclaimer like that... Still single what!

Daeni: Heya, we'll all go through our mountains of stress and hectic activity. Just remember to keep your focus on what's important - Jesus, Family and friends and The Apperentice (TV3: Sun 11.00pm)

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