Working in Gold Coast

Was reminded yesterday that I had a blog. Since my last post, my Streamyx access was disabled while we moved to our new office premise in Dataran Prima [I'm above the Chicken Rice Shop. Come visit me!]

I'm in love with area. The shops and simple landscape outside my office square reminds me of Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. No beaches in sight. But the area is airy (today's quite windy) and the shop-designs give a very foreign feel. For me, it's like Australia! The other place in KL that reminds me of Australia is Taman Melawati. The view of the hills, the weather (it's quite cooling there), and empty roads, gives the Klang Valley and alternative scene.

You must be thinking: 'what's up with Australia?' Well I loved my one-month visit there in 2004. It gave me rest, a renewed perspective about God, life, relationships, vocation. It kinda brightened my year. I never really had the chance to travel when I was younger, and upon graduation from college, never quite dreamed of studying abroad (not that I could afford it anyways). So traveling was/is meaningful to me.

I will be travelling again. This time, the continent of Europe. Ironically, I'm not going to study. I'm going to teach! Yes, I will be in Croatia for 3 weeks – conducting several courses in magazine design training and will be spending my time offering my consulting services to Eastern European publishers in the area - if they want my services la! (Hmm.. hopefully there are keen publishers in Prague). I will under the banner of Magazine Training Institute - a Christian-based organisation that conducts training world-wide for publishers, designers and magazine producers. I will be training alongside Gary and Anna who are the creative heads from Christianity Today and Discipleship Journal respectively. Check out for more info.

I covet your prayers while I'm away. It'll be for about two months. At the moment, I'm working on my talks and training programme. I hope to make it meaningful to the participants. The talks will be translated into Russian, Croatian and something else. So, choice of words are important. My vocab is limited.

New memories are waiting to be built. Beyond the travelling, I'm excited about my friends who will be tying the knot soon. Ben, April and May - I'm so excited for you guys. (nope, they're not marrying each other! Just to clarify). I hope to see you carry out the mandate of 'be fruitful and multiply'. But first things first: have a smashing great time as huband and wife.

May God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you.. May you grow into the fullness of His image, drawing the people around you closer to Him!




thewallah said…
have fun in croatia.

will be praying for you.

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