Connecting Dots

It's nine days to my lift off and about two weeks to my first talk. The past few weeks have been nerve-wrecking. Besides trying to complete all six talks, I've had to freelance to raise funds for my trip. Though I am getting some of the commissions earned through my stint at Word-Design Communications, I still need a little extra for the unexpected (lost luggage, delayed flight, toothache...)

I'm done with most of my slides. Hoping to kill everything by the weekend so that my last week here would be spent on packing and mentally preparing myself for the training. I will only be at rest on the 11 November when all my talks will be completed. Honestly, I've no clue how it will go. But I've learnt a key lesson: There is a difference in training and hoping to get over with it, and training and hoping the trainees get something out of it. I'm psyching myself to think and feel the latter. It makes all the difference when you do something for the benefit of others. People are blessed and you feel good about it.

God has made it possible for me to see things in perspective. When I get back, I'm going to take time to place all the things that've happened in the last 2 years in proper coordinates. Hopefully, by connecting the dots, I'd be more clearer about key stuff like my purpose in life and the like.

If you don't already know, I'm working on my own at the moment. My company is called: Twentyfivecents. I design. Copywrite. Build concepts. Print t-shirts. Revamp magazines. Layout books. You name it. God also has been good by helping me secure several jobs once I get back from Europe. I will be working on a couple of websites, two books (concept and writing), several revamps, etc.

The other thing I hope to do is take Soundtheology to another level. Once I get back, there'll be ample time to jam and plan ahead. If you know me, you'd know that my heart is set on youth work. Whether it's teaching in school,training at the national service, church involvement or perhaps music and design, I'm still figuring out how this call will be expressed.

Oh well, hopefully Europe will clarify some blindspots. My friends think I will find a wife in Croatia. These fellas have high hopes in me. Nah, I'm just going there to train and help develop their economy : ) ha ha!


jedibaba said…
Be safe my friend. I have no doubts you will be a blessing to many. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart as well! :)
Alpha said…
All the best Kevin! Enjoy your trip also yeah, dont just go there and give talks :)

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