God Takes Care of the Lilies

The weekend was a tough one for my family. We lost a favourite relative - Aunty Lily. She was a bubbly person, always ready to tease us (about our girlfriends) and sprinkle encouragement when we needed them. She would cry when any of us was severely sick. I remember one time, when I was 17 and had heart problems, she cried on my behalf after hearing about my condition. I just had irregular heartbeats and the stress test results weren't too bad. But her concern for me was heartwarming.

Born in Sitiawan, the oldest of nine, she was given the responsibility to care for her siblings at a very young age. Her siblings look up to her. She's always ready to lend a helping hand.

Aunty Lily, my uncle and cousin rared fishes, chickens and a dog. Endowed with green fingers, we usually had the opportunity to taste the firstfruits of her crops. She treats all of God's nature with care and respect. She talks to her animals and offers her best care to the flora in her garden. Very few people carry out God's mandate to care for nature the way she did. However there was this one time, when we rared nine Holland chicks (real chicks). When they became teenagers and ready for food, Aunty Lily, armed with her meat cleaver, provided us roasted chicken for one whole week. That week our appetites left us stranded after watching our pets decorated with mash potatoes and peas on the dining table.

She gave tuition to school children. She taught Mandarin too. I tried arm-twisting her in the past to give me some Mandarin classes. Once or twice I teased her with my broken and random phrases. Perhaps that's the reason she didn't pursue the idea of teaching me.

She passed away on Saturday due to a heart attack. Very sudden. We're at a loss but trust God's intervention. She had a vision of her being raptured into heaven a few days before dying. Guess God has better plans. As always...


andrea said…
I'm sorry for your loss...

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