Jesus' second coming could be anytime soon

Six months ago, I almost trembled on the last pew in church after hearing the pastor's message about the coming of Christ. For the longest time, the thought of Jesus coming back to earth again in 2008 stayed in the back of my mind. Mom had a special revelation of His return, however the interpretation of that revelation leaves more than one question mark.

Many believe the time is near. Missiologist would concur that His coming will be the culmination of worldwide evangelisation - when every tongue and tribe (ethnic group) would hear of the gospel. The signs of war, rumours of war, earthquakes in strange places, global warming, shortage of resources worldwide and climatic changes are very key indications that the end is near. The bible documents Jesus' prophecies on such events, albeit general, marking the end of time. It is no doubt that the earth is gradually giving way. Most of the world is in turmoil.

One passage in the Bible mentions that Jesus will come like a thief in the night. No one expects a thief to break into their home. Last night, three thieves tried to break in my neighbour's home at 4am in the morning. Thankfully the neighbours had an alarm system that frightened them into their escape.

But the passage in the bible warns us to 'watch' instead of being caught asleep. No one stays awake just to keep watch against break ins. That's the duty of dogs and alarm systems. But Jesus wants us to be aware and alert, that when He comes again, we aren't spiritually asleep. Spiritually asleep simply means that we aren't aware of who He and what he had done for us in our lives. When we don't have that connection to Jesus, we are doomed. Big time.

It's like this, the people who don't know Jesus are like citizens of a country that doesn't know who their king is. The king comes into the country, calls out to everyone, but no one takes heed because no one believes he is king. So they mock him, they treat him with no importance, they don't honour him. And then one day, in his might and authority, he comes to honour those who respected his kingship. For the ones who didn't, he summons them to the death chamber. The people beg and wail, but it's too late because enough warnings were issued. The grace period has ended.

Fictitious? Yes, my analogy. But the truth behind it is real. Jesus, who is King will come back again to establish his kingdom. We are the citizens of that kingdom. The ones who know that he is King should inform those who don't. The ones who don't know or aren't sure should begin finding out so that you can start honouring his rule. The grace period is getting slimmer. Time is running out. When he comes unexpectedly, it will be too late to begin honouring his Kingship. Jesus is coming really soon. Do something about it.


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