Citizens and Authorities, Wake Up to Animal Rights!

I am completely enraged by the senseless and inhumane abuse on poodle, Sushi. But I am encouraged by the unanimous support by Malaysians to speak out again such abuses and violations of animal rights. Kudos to all who care to make an effort to protect animals. While sufficient penalties should be meted out on the perpetrators, personal vengeance should not cloud the interpretation of justice. We want to be responsible and ensure that we do not condescend to the same behaviors displayed by the abusive couple, by desiring harm on them.

However, be mindful that abuse happens in so many different forms, to so many different animals. Starving your pets by not providing food and attention is another form of abuse. The indiscriminate killing of all of animals (pets and pests) are also a violation of animal rights. The senseless confinement/imprisonment of animals in compact cages or leashing over long periods of time is a deprivation of physical freedom much needed by animals. Such abuses should be treated with the same measures used against the abuse of poodle, Sushi.

The authorities need to wake up to the voices of the citizens and acknowledge their good efforts and united voice against such injustices. Animal rights cannot be trivialized in the throes of other urgencies, because every citizen is given an innate mandate to care for his or her environment.The authorities (government or otherwise) are established to facilitate the wellbeing of the nation in all spheres, not just political symmetry. We cannot trade Animal Rights for Human Wrongs.


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