Making a good Advertising Campaign Work

I'm about 10 minutes away from meeting an associate to discuss and Advertising and Marketing Proposal in Subang. So, I'm just going to pen some thoughts here and see what you think.

A good campaign solves problems or meets a need.
I think a good marketing proposal is one that solves a problem. Business is really about solving problems, or fulfilling needs. You sell eggs to solve the need for eggs. You design shoes so that people can find footwear to protect their feet - trendy ones are more appealing. You run a hospital so that people can be treated for their sicknesses or diseases. You solve problems. So a good campaign's aim is to solve a problem.

A good campaign creates an impact.
After fact-finding and identifying the problem to be solved, the next thing to do is to find the right solutions. There would be tonnes of ways to solve a problem. But you want a solution that firstly, stops a problem from getting worse and then actively makes the product or service better. In order to get that done, we need to know the audience, and find ways to jolt them into realizing that the product/service is actually good, if not better. One example I can think of is about this glue company that had a hazard inscription on their product to deter teenagers from sniffing glue: Glue-sniffing causes death. However the stats had not changed. So they employed a different  strategy and changed the inscription to read: Glue-sniffing causes pimples. Creative? Unthinkable? Yet effective and impactful. Gotta find ways to jolt the target audience.

A good campaign has lasting effects.
A good campaign makes your name stay out longer. If you're remembered, you're probably going to get business a second time. If I wore a pair of bermuda shorts, a tight-fitting t-shirt, a corporate-looking necktie, green socks and black leather shoes, and attended a friends wedding dinner. A few things would happen. One, I would get all the stares. The bride won't be happy. People will start to murmur about the oddly dressed man that appeared at the wedding. Perhaps the guards would be summoned to drag me out. The guests at my dinner table would be cautious in the way they engaged with me. And after everybody has left the wedding venue, chances are, they will still be talking about the oddly-dressed man at the wedding. I will be remembered. In a weird way, that's got to happen with your marketing campaign. What are positive, creative, heartwarming ways you can be remembered? How can you make people still talk about you (positively) when you're out of sight, out of mind. Good TV commercials do that. Even now, I can recall in full detail, some of my favourite TV commercials. What's your shelf-life?

Okay. Gotta run... Late for meeting.


alex said…
Knowing the product is important in creating a good advertising campaign.
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