Cut Inside

Un-reconciled, reviled
The questions in her eyes,
Can't decide,
If I should fear or cry,
Soul imbibe,
Imagined memories, a past revived
Broken in one piece, cut inside

Impolite clarity, brevity
Should I decide to fly, but gravity
Leads me back to you,
Soul imbued,
A time to be reviewed,
Mind renewed.

Unholy, is the mind of me,
Unholy, is the time I try to free
I try to free myself, from reality
Unholy is the cut inside of me


Holy from the lewd,
Cross against the crude,
I stand here nude,
Hiding from the Light, that searches through
I work to be undone,
thorns persecute

Mirror, so uncouth
I stare into myself, cautious sleuth
Finding debris from broken me,
That crushed and crumbled at your history,

Piecing fragments, to only find
Missing pieces, undefined


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