Few Things I Hate

I'm at Starbucks with my girlfriend. We're both doing our work, fighting off our individual work deadlines. She's an auditor and has reports to kill. I'm a designer, and besides updating my blog, I have an urgent design to complete.

This morning I woke up to annoyance, mostly my own nonsensical expectations of the way things ought to be. I was edgy. It got me thinking about the things I hate in life. Hate is a strong word. But I have strong dislikes. Here are a list of things I hate:

1. I hate laziness. I don't like it when things aren't done properly because the person doing it was lazy to make the effort to complete a task. Whether it is discarding rubbish into the bin carefully or double checking a document, or taking notes, laziness just tells me you are not reliable.

2. I hate disorderliness. I probably hate it because I see it in me a lot. I don't like things being out of sync. When my room looks like a tornado wreckage, my self-worth takes a dip. I hate it when things are not kept in its correct place. For example: a packet of peanuts in the dish rack, a half-eaten apple on the bookshelf, a half-melted ice-cream on the spaghetti rack in a supermarket because somebody changed his mind while browsing in the pasta section!

3. I hate last-minute changing of plans. I think I'm generally a flexible and spontaneous person. If you would call me out for an out-of-the-blue outing, I would probably jump for joy (well, it depends on who you are actually. Typically, multilevel marketing people and insurance agents will not see my joy jump.) However, when I have my plans in place for the day, I do not last minute changes. Then again, since no one knows my schedule, it would be unfair to be upset. I just hate being in that situation especially when the latter invitation is more fun, than what I had already planned.

4. I hate surprise home-visits. I'm not sure what drives this logic, but I hate it when old friends or relatives decide to pay a surprise visit (and almost always when you are about to leave your house for something exciting). Maybe its a cityfolk disgruntlement that I suffer from - the hassle of having to clean the house up before visitors trod and nose around, or perhaps the interruption of the order of things or my schedule. I just hate that feeling of being trapped. I'm fine if the surprise visits are paid by people whom I would expect surprise visits from, but I get anxious when the surprises are really surprises.

5. I hate "assumers" or people who pass on info without verifying them. I used to be like that (I still am... on public holidays. Just kidding!). What fueled this was my quick-to-speak character. And sometimes, information became my currency for friendship. As long as I had some interesting story to pass on, itchy ears will always draw near. I hate how wrong and bad information gets passed on so easily. Wrong information are lies. Bad information only tarnishes people. I'm learning to stop, think and decide if a story is worth telling. Learned a gem over the years: If the story is not yours to tell, then don't tell it. I abhor people who enjoy gossip. I dislike people who speak not because they have something to say, but because they want to merely say something. This is replete in one of the facebook groups I am in.

In summary, I hate these things because I know what it feels like to be or do them. And now that I've become a little more cognizant of these blindspots of mine (and have made improvements), I don't plan to go down this route again, and would like others to pay attention to these things in them.


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