Burning the midnight oil

Once again, I will be working over night at the office with my boss. Oh the joy of heralding a new morning with panda eyes and shivering joints!

This time, the deadline tight but the adrenalin rush to kill the hundred-something page project isn't quite there. One thing I enjoy about working round the clock, is the anticipation of getting the last bit of the project complete and then sinking into the reality of its completion. The job may seem impossible at its inception, and then without caution, you find yourself completing the final touches without realising how time flew and how much you have done. All so mystical it seems, and reality slowly seeps in... It is finished.

I guess some of us go through life like a tight-deadline project. The urgency and difficulties will only be felt right up close to the deadline. Especially if you haven't been working on something consistently. Some of us live harrased lives. Where everything is done on a last-minute-basis. Time seems limited. Resources are wasted. "Busy" becomes the buzz word. And effectiveness and quality is compromised. When we fail to administer foresight in our planning and budgeting of resources, we become harrased people. Living a life defined by activity, which often times only reflect the reaction to bad planning and lack of boundaries. Ok, ok heavy stuff.

Stop. Take a break. Back up a little. Are you enjoying yourself? Does your activity or busyiness reflect a sense of significance and meaning? Is there a better way of getting things done? Do what you need to do. Then what you ought to do. And then the stuff you like to do. And do it joyfully. Provided they are stuff within the boundaries of sanity, human rights and most importantly, a moral restriction.

Oh well.

Well, tonight we're estimating to get home by 4 am. Most of my work's done actually. Hoping to tighten things up. Just wish me luck!


Anonymous said…
Interesting to hear that you enjoyed working round the clock.


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