A good page layout

No one reads my blog. But I'm fine with that. I haven't been writing much and therefore don't deserve a regular following (yet!).

I'm taking a break from work as I slap on the keyboard. Laying out pages on the computer can tranquilize you especially after a heavy lunch. I'm in the midst of a hundred page book layout which we compiled after reporting for a family dialogue organised by the government. After reading and summarising hundreds of notes, I'm designing them in a coherent order, to be presented to the UN. I'm just the designer. Oh joy.

Life's like a good page layout. Once you have appropriate margins and perimeters, you can design it any way you want and it will still look good. (of course bear in mind that good layouts don't use all the fonts on your pallette, and all the colours on your swatches pallette) Simple designs always work best.

Good boundaries + simple lifestyle = Fulfilling life.

Question for thought:
1. Who/what define those boundaries?
2. What is a simple lifestyle to you?

My twentyfivecents ...


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