I hide in my silence
I'm scared of the violence
that keeps me from feeling
my reason for being

Did I choose to exist here anyway?

I can't understand why
You have to make me cry
You hurt all my feelings
You make all a big thing

In frailty, I just want to walk away

Thought we were best friends
On a journey
To conqueor this tide of uncertainties
We'll work together, through this battle
But you chose to drown by the bottle.

Wine is a mocker
Beer's a brawler
But your thoughts were wiser
Hoping life would get better

Each time you took a sip, well, nothing changed

I feel for your misery
Who said it was easy?
But you've got to make choices,
And stop hearing voices

Or life will walk away without you there

We are best friends
On this journey
We'll work together
to make things better
We'll bid farewell to
Friends like JD
Who brought tears home,
Pain and misery,
We'll start all over,
Just you and me, dad
We'll cross the rivers,
And swim to the end
And swim to the end

* the last few days have caused me to reflect and I penned this song.


VaniPriSe said…
that's a great song dude.

Thank you for sharing.

You've the gift of eloquence.
daenielle said…
Can't wait to hear it with music...

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