Desperate Houseflies

When I was about five and Quinton three, we had an outdoor hobby. Armed with our tiny fishing nets, we caught flies. Though flies are regarded as annoying and difficult to catch, we had no problems. If we were hunters looking for prey, even Donald Trump would've hired us. Our daily hobby was a hobby indeed. Our trick: the flies hovered/had lunch on the dog crap in the garden (courtesy of Toffee, Buttons and Peaches -our dogs). They were easy targets for the Thomas brothers. But I forgot what we did to the flies afterwards (oh well, at least we caught something).

Though I can't recall our purpose in doing that (like I can't pinpoint a purpose in writing this story), I've grown up from such hobbies.

Time flies so fast, like flies. (ok. that was corny).

It's about 10.20 now and I want to get back in time for Desperate Housewives. My new office is in Dataran Prima and that saves me a whole lot of travel time. Worked a little late today on my talk for the conference in Croatia. Will be speaking about the impact of the Web on Printed media.

Hey, maybe you guys can lend some thoughts. If you post (comment) your insights on these few questions, I can massage them into my presentation.

1. How has the internet has impacted your expectation on magazines?

2. How about magazine designs? What works for you and why?

3. If you had to choose between reading something online and something printed, what would be your preference and why?

You can choose to answer all three or just any of them. Thanks!


Anonymous said…
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~sephiya~ said…
i love Vmag! the articles are a bit boring but the layout design is so fresh and interesting. strong colours that just leap out of the page, yet are not distracting, the layout is simple and neat but still artistic. and the pictures are great.
jesscet said…
Poor thing you kena spammed! use the code verification option!

Anyway, i dont have much to contribute to qs 1 & 2 besides saying i go for magazines with interesting contents. I also like V-mag too, great layout aside, they have varied lifestyle articles that are snazzy and easy to read.

As for qs 3, normally I would rather read on line as I'm always online! But if its something so interesting that i want to keep - like my own article! ;) then of course printed!

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