My Jesus Saviour made it real

While it storms outside (like it always does on Good Fridays), I'm taking a breather in the church office -my new part time office. In the past two months, I've been juggling between youth ministry and corporate work. Three days a week are dedicated to phone calls, planning, prayer and devotions while the other three are defined by late nights, crazy ideas and coffee. Like Superman, I switch rapidly between between roles and work wear. Unlike him, I keep my underwear inside. I carry a spare tie or two in my bag should I need to meet a client during lunch, on my church days.

But today is Good Friday. And now, at 1:37pm, all my colleagues have gone home. (some of the privileges of working in a Christian organisation). I just got back to the office after meeting some clients.And it does feel nice to retreat to a place of rest.

There's a calm silence in the office. Ok, partly calm.(Since three other staffs are here). And while I type this, I'm reminded of a song I've been wanting to write in the past 5 years. I've got the title down, and just a few arbitary lines. The concept of the song is simply this:

About a little boy standing in the crowd in Jerusalem while Jesus enters riding on a donkey. Jesus and the boy make eye contact. And in that few seconds, the boy recognises that Jesus is someone special. The song then talks about the things that happened in town while Jesus was there - the miracles, messages and hope insipired by him. And the chorus, reveals the brokeness in the boy's heart hearing his "saviour cry from the cross". But he emphatises with Jesus, and decides to stand by his side.

Of all the mainstream religions, Christianity has a peculiar ending. Jesus dies and then resurrects. Offering a new living hope for this life and beyond. I support all religions because it teaches you good and godly values to live by on earth. But if you're thinking of life beyond earth, there's really only one way-- Jesus.

Make sure, when you leave earth, you get the address right.


selena said…
hey u, already liking the song. :)
Anonymous said…
hi... I have been reading your blog for sometime now. Can't recall how I came to find it but it has been a joy and a blessing to read it.

I am in UK on a mission exchange programme and am spending a lot of time working with young ppl. THe world needs more ppl who are willing to invest on the young these days.

Thank you for sharing your faith and your spiritual journey.

Chill & Fill

PS... Can't wait to have the oppurtunity to hear your songs.
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Anonymous said…

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