Homeless in Heaven

The thought of being homeless in heaven dawned upon me after a sermon preached on Sunday. The speaker used an illustration (which was intended to sound funny) about how someone wasn't granted a mansion like the other two, simply because he wasn't serious about his faith on earth. You may get to heaven, but no guarantee that you'd be given standard accomodation.

Over the past two months, the marginalised have been popping into my heart and mind. My recent trip to Cambodia, in which we served alongside a ministry that reaches out to street children, massaged a certain ache in me to see solutions to social injustices. Also, a recent trip to a weekly celebration of food and friendship with the "urban and marginalised" in the back lanes of Petaling Street, made me realise how important it is to live in consideration of the needy.

HisChild International, Cambodia, operates a bus that moves through parts of Pnom Penh, offering baths and hygiene care to street children. These kids are homeless, less fortunate, childlike, some are victims to glue-sniffing, and need love. The staff and volunters on board clip fingernails, shower the children, give them their daily bread (and soya bean), teach them about hygiene, play games and show them God's love.

HisChild runs an orphanage, makes regular visits to the villages and manages a church that meets at the orphanage.

Cambodia is a country crippled by corruption and hence, poverty. The political misbehaviour in the late 70s has landed the country in a state of hopelessness. We were thanked several times for visiting Cambodia and helping its economy. Despite the national gloom, Cambodia has growing hope.

Here are some snapshots:

In a Vietnamese Village

Three's a company

Frown for a free balloon?

Making God known

Esther, the apple of their eyes

Ling Si, looking bright

The Bold and the Bashful



Service with a smile

Cambodian Silhouttes

The feet that need Good News


andrea said…
Hey Kev, those are fantastic picture you've taken...especially the last one...
kl said…
yup, you captured in picture what you couldn't say better in words

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