Wit or Wisdom?

I think I am an F1 driver trapped in a Toyota DX Stationwagon driver's body. If I was bestowed an appropriate car (Skyline, Celica, Evo 9), perhaps I can express my real self freely. My birthday's coming up (next March), so if you're lost for birthday gift ideas, think F1.

Telling people that you're not so into football is like coming out and declaring you're gay. For the record, I'm not gay. It's a Malaysian expectation - if you're male and between 5-55 yrs old, you must love football. (ok I'm exagerating, but you do feel it at mamaks when a game is on). I love sports, but I don't get drunk on it. My dad was a sportsman. He was a fan of Everton (EPL) and so I supported Everton nominally, as a kid. Eventually, I pledged allegiance to Liverpool when Robbie Fowler played the field (and when imitation jerseys were cheap). I was a huge fan of Basketball. Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Larry Bird, Kevin Duckworth, Isaiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen and Jordan were some of those I supported. Sadly, my passion for sports evaporated in the throes of exams, college assignments and now, deadlines.

Avoid thinking of world peace while ironing. You might make a hole in the shirt, melt a finger, or answer your iron when the phone rings. I suck at house chores. I know, practice makes perfect. But the chore I'm really horrible at is: washing my clothes. I always, always forget to turn the tap off after filling my load with water. And, forget to dry them when the load's done. Now, I try to time myself and set mental alarms to keep me in momentum. World-peace-thinking happens when I'm driving now.


Jess said…
some guys are into football,
some are into cars
& some dig gadgets..
You my friend, is into Christ! =)
so u're perfectly fine ;)
Sush said…
kevin! why the whole bout of camwhoring???

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