Feeling Led On

Have you been in that situation where you liked this girl, and did all you could (or thought you did) to make her choose you? You devoted time, attention, didn't mind spending mindlessly on petrol to be with her, and of course, you felt she was warming up to you with her constant "Yes's". She kinda hinted that she's interested, and you're looking positive. And then one day, you see her holding hands with another guy, and she's all so happy and flushed. And the sad thing is (besides you feeling messed up and screwed over), he doesn't match up to your standard -- or someone she would choose to be with. Been there?

Well, I recently designed a logo for a client. We're in the process of making amendments, fine tuning his logo, and rethinking some colour schemes. He'd been away for some time and I'd taken the initiative on keeping in touch. Of course, the calls were unanswered, smses unreplied, etc. Thankfully, he'd paid me.

Today, I saw his company featured in a newsletter I'm designing for another client. And lo and behold, a logo that is totally alien from me (or my sense of design), slapped me. Elements of my design were incorporated. But what irked me was that it wasn't up to a standard we thought suited his company's caliber. So I sent an email to the third party, enquiring of him. Would appreciate an explanation. Hopefully, there's one.

Several years ago, 1998 if I remember, I designed a logo for a political party. I brainstormed on the logo's concept, came up with several design suggestions, and made a mistake by handing in the drafts to the party's chairman. We didn't communicate for a while, neither took sufficient initiative on follow up. One day on the news, I saw the party's officiation ceremony, backdropped by a logo that looked similar to what I did. Of course, being younger and unwise, I wasn't paid, wasn't familiar with the concept of a deposit (should've paid attention in Commerce). All the best to your fair and democratic party, friend!

Now, I'm wondering if I suck big time with logo designs. Then again, I'm happy that a Sunday School in Colorado Springs will be converting my logo design into a mural!


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