Identity Unveiled

And finally, my company has a new logo.

The logo resembles a light bulb, connoting creativity.
Twentyfive represents the nucleus of this idea bulb.
The white background frames the bulb,
making it stand out in any coloured background.
The sharp rays emitted by the bulb, point upwards and outwards,
depicting the companies ambition to offer creative solutions from all angles.
The colours reflect nature, a core call to to conduct business in a way that does not abuse natural resources.

A spiritual aside:
The logo resembles a light bulb, shining the crown of thorns.
My call to be a light to the world, and carry my cross daily.


Job said…
Cool logo.
lemonademaker said…

thewallah said…
thoughtful explanation.
Chin Hor said…
That's a real nice corporate logo right there bro!
lemonademaker said…
Haha.. thanks guys for the commendation. Nice to be supported by creative brothers.


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