Snippets of July and August

My Jedi mentor reminded me that my blog needs updating. I've taken the easy way out by snagging and posting pictures and comic strips in place of my reflections and adventures. No, if you were wondering, I wasn't afraid of the government's grouses about blogs with sensitive content (politically controversial stuff). Oh joy. If we're truly a maturing nation, we should develop a sense of responsibility in receiving and responding to information from all media. Having a hush-hush mentality stifles maturity. Bravo Malaysia! *cynical smile*

New Home
We've moved to a new home. It's a landed property in Section 5, Jalan Gasing PJ. A single storey bungalow with land for two dogs, 3 rabbits, a cat and a 7x1 feet fish pond. We're in the midst of furnishing the place. We had to get rid of worn out furniture, 6 years of condo-junk and stuff we didn't think was junk till we decided so. I realised how much I've grown with the amount of junk I've discarded. Younger, I would rationalise keeping certain souvenirs, letters and books under the "oh-I-might-need-this-some-time-in-future" reasoning. I've grown intolerant. Anything I've not used in the past year or so is considered junk. Yes, junk.

The new place is good for mom. Since her stroke, condo-living has become a risk factor. Should the condo shake again with the next tremor, there's no way mom is going to make her way down 19 floors of stairs. My new home is nice and surrounded by greeneries. Will post pictures soon. Would appreciate your interior design ideas.

Twentyfivecents Creative Solutions
The company is doing well. I've received some really interesting accounts this year. Would love to mention them but will do so when I set up an official company domain. That would be Phase 2 in my business plan. Recently, I met two gentlemen on separate occassions who are willing to invest in my design and copywriting business. The thought sounds tempting but all wise decisions deserve deliberation, discernment and determination. Will be doing a quarterly review soon. Hopefully, I'd be able to connect the right dots and get a clearer picture of where TCS is going.

No. I'm not into parashooting. Dropzone is a youth centre that's recently opened in PJ Old Town (above King's bakery). I volunteer as a guitar trainer for a 12-basic guitar module. I had the privilege of drawing up the syllabus and training it. It's interesting because I do it billingually. Three quarter of the participants are Malay-speaking. I love speaking Malay.


andrea said…
hey u...looks like u've got your hands full...hope all's well
thewallah said…
Thanks for the update.
David BC Tan said…
looks like you're not going to have lots of time for us plebs...?

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