Nostrils to Other Thrills

My nostrils have decided to produce white strands. If you've read my blog several times before, you'd notice that I write a little about my hair. No, I'm far from bald. It's just that in the last six months, I noticed that half my scalp isn't economical on the white hair supply. Depending on which side of my face you stand, you could guess my age differently.

I think I'm losing my touch at writing (that's if I had the 'touch' in the first place). But I realise that skills like these need practice. And me not blogging consistently isn't helping. Offline, I've composed several entries in my mind but never got around to publishing them.

The weeks have been chaotic. From deadlines to weekend trips and counselling broken friends, I've had a pretty eventful month or two. Last week, I conducted a session at World Vision's 30 hour fast on Children in Armed Conflicts. Preparing for that session made me realise how fortunate Malaysians are living in security. In war-torn countries, some kids are born to the sounds of gunfire and the smell of decaying relatives. Something we in Malaysia can never fully comprehend.

I made a resolve to advocate for the marginalised - To cry foul when injustice happens and encourage when something positive is progressing.


Jess said…
Thanks for being a voice for the voiceless :) we all need to play our part to advocate. Thanks again for helping out at the 30-Hour Famine! ;)

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