Honey, I'm Home!

After a break from blogging, I'm now back. Over the past three months, I've had my winding, tumultuous journey. With heartaches and backaches, hospital visits and truancy from church, weight loss initiatives and frequent reminders that I'm still fat, and a whole lot of other ironies,... I'm happy I do have a life online.

Within the four edges of my 19 inch flat screen, I meet the world.

Like any blogger (who's not out there writing to make money), I have my writing ups and downs. Now that I'm climbing out of a 'blogging-valley', I'm going to get back into a habit of writing regularly. Hopefully, people read (ooh, and please click on the little google ads laced on the layout, even if you're not planning on buying).

I started another blog especially for the silly bloopers committed by yours truly. The blog, "The Dumb Things I Do" is a little easy on content. Hopefully an injection of humor with lessons to learn.

For the record, I was at the BERSIH march. It's high time everyone speaks out against the weak practices in the Malaysian Elections.


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