Is Your Spouse Cheating on You?

The Malaysian ex-health minister is being portrayed now as a martyr for speaking the truth about his recently found out sex scandal. The ex-minister has carefully admitted to being the person in an illicitly filmed video recording of a sex act from various angles in a hotel in Johor. The Malaysian Chinese Association presidential council has expressed regret about his resignation from the post as the party's vice president, and the relinquishment of his other responsibilities. They regretfully accept his resignation. The prime minister had expressed similarly and made a footnote on the moral quandary of his party's member -- a dampener in the National Front's credibility as the General Elections approach. The PM advised other leaders to be careful of their moral conduct because they are the nation's leaders.

It wouldn't be right for the whole nation to pelt our ex-health minister to death for his irresponsible behaviour. There are perhaps many, who hide their playful affairs beneath the sheets, far from the public's scrutiny. Leader or not, the obligation to lead moral lives should transcend all levels. Everyone is repsonsible for his or her conduct.

Sadly, I feel, there isn't enough address on this political scandal being a moral issue. Instead of condemning the act, the leaders seem to be praising the ex-minister's honesty. There doesn't seem to be much remorse about the act of adultery, instead, a bigger regret that a video got recorded and is now circulated. The bad guys
apparently are the ones who made the recording. The charge against them: it is illegal to invade the privacy of another.

No one is free from the temptations of sex. It can happen to anyone, regardless of whether a person is religious or not, moral or mildly interested, politician or civilian. The sex act in that hotel room couldn't have just started as a 'sex act in the hotel room'. There's more to the story, unrecorded. No one decides to commit adultery all of a sudden. Many factors contribute to such a compromise.

If we can rewind the whole reel to the other areas of a persons life, we can perhaps put a finger on how and when an illicit relationship starts. A relationship so significant that it endorses sexual expression, betrays marriage vows, undermines the boundaries of wholesome relationships, and leads both candidates on a journey of denial.

Is your husband or wife cheating on you? Are they spending an awfully large amount of time in the office? Do you know who her workmates are? Is he really on a golfing trip? Is he or she a priority in your life anymore? Do you communicate enough? Are you understanding her enough? Are the kids in the way? Does your job take you away from home? Is someone else affirming you more than your wife should? Is another man paying more attention to you?

Perhaps you need a reality check. Keep your guard on. Marriage doesn't make you immune to attraction of the opposite sex.
Stop being naive. Be wise and disciplined.

I feel bad for the ex-minister's wife and family, and for the family of the his co-actor. So many people hurt after one night of passion.

I think we should start saving our families now.


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