Need for New Government

Polling Day is on Saturday (8th March 2008). This will be my first experience voting for the country's future. I was set on voting five years ago, however, I couldn't register then because I had not renewed my identity card to the new one. I was advised to renew it before registering as a voter. Well, having the new MyKad (identity card) would've made things a lot easier. So I did not get to vote in 2004.

I feel a sense of ownership for the country. All these years, I've not been politically aware of my country's surroundings, leadership and the systems that keep the nation intact. Sadly in the last five years, the government's many mistakes in leading and managing the counrty has inadvertently made me concerned and convicted that change is needed. While empty promises are tossed back and forth in the leadership, a large number of citizens in the grassroots are suffering. Fifty years is a long time for the country to learn from its mistakes. I'm convicted that a new government should be given a chance to lead.


farihana abdul said…
I agree with you that Fifty years is a long time for the country to learn from its mistakes. But am not gonna give another chance to Pak Lah. 4 years is a long time. All he has done in this 4 years is to loose his wife and get a new one..and yes of course allowing his racist son in law to do as he wishes. Tired of them both. BN needs to be taught a lesson! All this time we, Malaysians keep saying that other parties are not good enough to take over BN. And some say they do nor want to take the risk. Well, I think that's what BN is wishing for. As more we tend to be dependent on BN, the more corruption, nepotism and cronysm is happening. We should put a stop to this for once and all. Let us show BN that we are not happy with the way they administer our country. How dare the MP ask Chinese and Indians to balik negara sendiri??? This is our country, not mine or yours alone. They definitely need to be taught a lesson!!!!!
twentyfivecents said…
Yes and under the BN administration, there is no way true equality among the races and religions will be achieved. We have an imbalanced democracy, infact, hardly any democracy. March 8 will send a message to the powers that be. The unfair 2 thirds majority needs to be crippled.

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