But He

Lost my religion in the flood
Because the god I once believed in didn't do much
He didn't answer when I called
He's resting within his heavenly walls

Five times daily and sometimes more
I've given up knocking on heaven's door
Perhaps he's annoyed by my repetitions
Put ear plugs on while we die in our petitions

I've earned my points, I've done my duties
I'm living righteous, with no controversies
I deserve your attention, I demand your reaction
Your word says my faith is my action

The waters rise, reaching the skies
My baby cries, my life despised
Take me down, take me down
I can't see your crescent-shaped reflection on my ground

I call out to the deep, into the uncertain
Hoping that a Voice will echo in return
Truth is not me seeking, But He
In my weeping, in my despair
I know that somewhere there is a God who cares


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