Balls In

Dave Matthews playing in the background. I sip Lemon & Lime tea by Ahmad Tea London. Waiting for files to print before I get on with more work. Plan to end tonight's workload by 11pm. Don't feel like having dinner.

I know the week has been eventful but I just can't place a finger on what has happened. Perhaps my highlight of the week was Monday. I spent almost the whole day working at the Twin Towers for my client. Had a couple of meetings in the area. Tried to read client's mind. Still trying.

Working in KLCC doesn't feel like work. Thanks to shoppers and loafers, you feel as if you're on holiday, in a tie. Lunch is a killer. I spent a good RM 11 on lunch - on company's account. But I must say that the Nyonya Laksa I had at the Laksa Shack in the food court was worth the cash.

After work, a buddy came over and we had a drink. A pretty pricey drink. In the car, our bladders were about to explode near SS2. SS2 has a public toilet. I didn't know. A pee later, we had dinner and decided to end our night playing pool in Subang. Asia Cafe's pool tables are new and the balls travel smoothly. I like pool. They help you focus. You measure your worth by the number of balls entered. Good aiming enters balls.

Highlights of the week are important. Never let the week pass you by without knowing your trials and triumphs. In our 270 kmp/h Malaysian lifestyle, it's easy to get swept by. And lose focus.

Aim and let your balls run smoothly.


daenielle said…
I finally learned how to play pool. Still not very good but I've learned the basics thanks to old man. We should all go play sometime...

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