Malaysian Idol

It's Saturday. I'm at work celebrating the day between Good Friday and Easter, competing with tight deadlines for a presentation on Monday. It feels like walking on a tight-rope and while on it midway, your clothes fall off and you can't do much but continue to the other end naked.

I guess that's how it is when half way through the production process your computer gives way or slows down, but you still have to press on with what's on. Ah well, will get through it. My role model is Jesus. He definitely went through a tougher time than me, having in mind his deadline and finally going through it (Lord, thanks. I'm sorry I don't thank You enough) I'd like to borrow his line: "It is finished". Unfortunately, my job isn't.

I dreamt that I auditioned for the Malaysian Idol. This time, they had the auditions in Subang and I was the first to be auditioned. With a guitar, I walked into the audition studio. Fauziah, Roslan and Paul looked on as I greeted them. The studio was equipped with a computer screen that showed the lyrics of the song I chose. I started to sing okay until the lyrics hit the bottom of the screen. I couldn't turn the page over because my hands were busy strumming, so I just hummed and sang "la la la ..." and continued with the chorus. While singing, I thought to myself what a dumb move it was to audition with my guitar. Feeling unaccomplished, I walk to the judges for the verdict before leaving the studio. Fauziah brings it on: "You're in. See you next week!"

Prophetic dream? Hmm... dunno. But I really don't believe in idolatry.


*My next post will be reflections on Sepet


cyber-red said…
go tryout fer fun lah..who knows I might see you there in KL auditions hehe
Anonymous said…
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