A day in Gentings

Sook Yian, Adrian and Jeremiah helping a aunty
find her way around First World.

I made meaningful friendships at Gentings.

One of them is a statue. Guess.

So yeah, I was in Gentings two Wednesdays ago. It was a day trip and boy was it a packed day. We had to queue behind approx. 1200 people before getting into our skyway gondola (a super cool cable car). There, we didn't do much except walk around, eat and pose for the camera.

Besides missing our first bus down, our main adventure was probably trying to keep up with each other in the populated hotel.

Adrian and Jeremiah went on for more adventure and rock-climbed.

My day ended at 3 am. Upon returning from Gentings, I watched a late night show with Liz. Incidentally her parents were at Gentings. The movie, Syriana, which had a semi confusing plot wasn't the best way to wrap up a tiring day. But we had a good time catching up nonetheless.


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