Journeys This Year

And so I write here once again, in my tiny space online, trying to be heard in this mass media. Since the year started, I've embarked on new journeys. One was the formation of Twentyfivecents Creative Solutions - a company run by two - God and me. The second is my passion for travelling. I like going to new places, taking risks by being in unfamiliar lands.

Over the last three years, I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel different parts of the world. In 2004 I walked Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. In 2005 we drove from Vienna to Croatia, passing through Slovenia. This year, I went to Hat Yai, Thailand; and will be going to Bangkok and Cambodia in the next few months.

My other journeys are within the realm of relationships. I've had a meaningful year and a half with Chee Seng's cellgroup in CCF. I've learnt a lot about God and his Word - and a large part of it is embedded in the lives of the group members. This year, I joined Adrian's group. And it has been a good start.

I've found new family in my Thursday bible study group. This is group is special because it is an off-shoot from the Alpha programme (Alpha: A comprehensive introduction to Christianity). Besides having good chemistry, we're from different backgrounds, generations and interests and we click well. So far. Ha ha...

My wife look out. Just now at church, I bumped into a friend who reminded me that I'm still quite young and needn't worry about marriage. I've never worried about marriage. I'll probably worry after marriage. I've not pursued a relationship after my last try in 2004. But in the past year I met several interesting dames who've rekindled that desire for companionship. I met one in particular, whom I thought I could consider, but her life is complicated, like the Rothmans roundabout in SS2 opposite Sin Chiew Jit Poh. But really, looking for someone isn't my preoccupation. A wife/companion/friend is a blessing from God. Not a trophy that can be won by pursuit and action. Of course, action required when necessary.


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