Smitten but Bitten

After my fourth cup of coffee today, I'm beginning to realise the impact of communication on the webspace. A few friends have given me cheeky grins, and curious nuances while chatting on msn and gmail. It's the last thought in my earlier blog entry that simmered my little write up about my journeys. "Who's she?"

I try to be transparent. (Really, take me on a game of 'mafia' and you'll see). Sometimes, too transparent and give more details than I should. But really, am in no position to say more. Plus it's already 1:52 am - way past my bedtime, since I am working. Yes, I am working tomorrow (contrary to popular belief).

In summary, here's how I would put it: I am ...

Smitten, but bitten,

Regretful, but thankful,

Courages, but cautious,

Spiritual, yet carnal

Everything else are details. He he..


I'm fine lah.


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