The Other Side

There is a rumor that my floor is haunted. The floor has only four units, and only ours is occupied. Kelana Puteri Condo is populated with lots of students and a mild amount of families. So the lack of occupants on my floor gives rise to all sorts of speculation.

Several years ago, according to the Indon cleaners, a lady was killed on our floor
. Not known if it was suicide or homicide. Nevertheless, the idea that our floor was occupied by spirits grew. We get all sorts of people checking out our floor. Some come to just chill. Others perhaps, fulfilling their "Truth or Dare" obligations.

I found out that the seventeenth floor is (potentially) haunted. Some of my friends were waiting to go to Senawang at 5am that day. In the corridor, they saw a lady, dressed in white covered in mud-stains, with long hair walk from one apartment into the wall of another.

Today, my other friend shared about how he was with this girl in his apartment. She was laughing away, and suddenly her face started to elongate, her eyes grew big and black. He dashed out of his unit.

Of course, I'm not too sure if these guys had weed for breakfast or dinner. That would make the sightings a little more explainable.

Just two weeks ago, the unit on the far left of my condo became tenanted. The lights are turned on, there are slippers lined outside. Women's clothings hang in the laundry area. But I've never seen a single soul at all. We hardly hear them walk in the corridor. I'm not sure if they're real people. For now, they're known as people on the other side.


andrea said…
That look for you just won't do! But you do look a little scary thanks to photoshop...hehe

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