Humor Hues

"We use 10% of our brains most of the time. Imagine what we can do with the remaining 60%!"

Humor makes communication addictive. Keat Lim cracked the phrase above last week and since then, I've evangelised it to almost everyone I've met. Stuff like this usually occupies a large portion of my brain matter. And I like watching how people respond to comedy. I've a 32RAM hardisk in my cranium specially partitioned for humor and nonsensical thingamajigs.

Humor makes the mundane less colourless. It puts a smile on you even when bureaucracy gives you hemmorhoids. I was waiting for the train in Nerang, Brisbane. Hoping to get back on time to Southbank for dinner with my cousin, I grew impatient that the train was late for my hour ride home. So I marched to the counter to raise my concern.

"I'm just wondering, is the next coach nearby?" concerned look.

"Oh!" wide-eyed and surprised, he continued, "The trains have all stopped..."
I became wide-eyed. He continued,"They've all stopped due to a lack of interest! Ha ha!!"
At this point, I didn't know if I should've laughed or cried because he sounded serious. Then I realised he was kidding. Australians. They can joke with a straight face.

But it was heartwarming that he used humor to dispel my worried look. The train came shortly after.

Inject a little humor everyday and colour will come your way.


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