Okay, I Got a Little Sidetracked...

Was going to spend the night writing something meaningful on my blog. Instead, I got trapped on yahoo search making random, brainless online searches. I realise, that if you type 'Kevin Thomas + Malaysia' on yahoo image search, you could view my pix. And, if you type 'twentyfivecents' on web search, you'll end up reading this entry.

So much for spending this cold rainy night writing something brilliant. My weeks have been chaotic. Really chaotic. I've been trekking in and out of deadlines and crazy workloads. Some fruits of my labour are slowly emerging. My previous post is one of it. If you do get your hands on The Salvation Army's 2007 calendar, that's another juicy fruit.

Beyond my deadlines, I still have a life. I've had the privilege of doing some really interesting things. Last week, I went for Joanne Yeoh's concert. Ultimately inspiring. (Some photos below). Tomorrow, I will be participating in the Vacation Bible School. Something I've always wanted to do for years but never had the time and ability to do so. Will be helping children understand why they need to trust God and how they can help their friends do so. (Will post photos next week).

Oh well, enough of wise words. Let's get on with the photos yo.

The hot people who were at the concert + the cellist (middle dude in white shirt) and Patrick (far left).The hall contained an audience of 200. The cute girl in the middle acted in the Ring.

The bouncer stationed to guard the priceless cello from getting flicked at Bangsar Shopping Complex. A suspicious crowd pretend to have a meaningful laugh in the background. In the foreground, Little Red Riding Hood inches away from the 17th century relic. (I meant the cello)

The usherettes were really nice to me. Really.

I thought she had the hots for me...

... until I met her boyfriend.

This hottie over here took a photo with another usherette.

Me and the Ring girl. I turned my handphone off.

Dr Chong, Joanne and Dr Lim. They were absolutely marvellous. Skill and talent inspires people. These are the Jimi Hendrixes of Classical Music. Hardcore yo.

The captions to these photos were partially exaggerated - part of my stress relief programme. Hope you had a meaningful laugh!


jesscet said…
yep, the musicians were great! but you forgot to mention that you were also famous for lending your (sexy) voice that nite!! ;)

oooh.. didn't know Patrick had a gf!
James Lim said…
Wah, you guys must have had a fun time! Hee still that always funny Kevin, making joke even with the caption for patrick and his gf :).

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