I've Given Birth

It's finally out! After nine months of pregnancy, my baby's out (on the bookstands I think). My company was given the task of translating the National Integrity Plan into something comprehensive for laymen. From Roots to Fruits gives you an idea of what integrity should look like in all spheres of life.

In my first trimester, a bunch of us brainstormed the several concepts that could possibly work to get the message across. The Integrity Insitute were happy with the concepts, but offered another one - The tree. The tree is nature's way of reminding us that life is symbotic (Read the booklet for elaboration). The concept was developed, thus the idea of From Roots to Fruits.

A big thank you goes out to Tricia Yeoh and Jessica Tan. Both have been great companions and team players. Really nice to work alongside brilliant (and beautiful) people. (I wish they could say the same for me! Ha ha). Another thank you goes out Adrian Tan (who gave me a hand with the cartoons for one of the concepts). Thank you Latiff for getting the BM translation done, and Khim for polishing my broken English. My clients Anis, Rais and Zhubayry for taking the big step communicating integrity to the country. Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka for touching up the BM copy. And last but not least, KJ John and Unnikrishnan for involving me in this project, giving me guidance and getting me started on this journey through integrity. This book helps me draw close to God, who deserves the biggest thank you! My thanks to Jesus will be a lifelong one for the things he has already done for me.

I personally hope, that this book will reach most Malaysians (if not all) and remind them that integrity is something we've all got to work at. Not all will respond well to booklets from the goverment. But hopefully, this one will plant some seeds.

If you'd like a copy, drop me a note on this blog or email me at twentyfivecents@gmail.com


Anonymous said…
I had the greatest pleasure of working for/ with KJ and his team for the 1st National Congress on Integrity. That was awesome work! Not just the issue of the conference but the Godly input was simply amazing!

Congratulations... on your new baby...

asimi said…
I would like to have a copy please. Email to noordin.asimi@gmail.com

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