Honey You're the Rock upon Which I Stand

My dad always called my mom "Honey". They didn't quite have the sweetest relationship on earth, but I guess that's what he felt about her.

Marriage frightens me. I don't think I'm that much of a commitment-phobe, but the fears of hurting someone else (emotionally, spiritually, financially) and tearing apart her future by my own disability to see ahead feels damning already. And, therefore if that's a path I really want to take, serious thought needs to be put in (not that there's anyone in view).

Its really lovely to see married folk wrinkle together in their 80s while still holding hands. And, how some of them actively partner each other in church and social ministries - as if they were hired to work as partners - strong with passion and focus for the task at hand. Standing on each other's strengths, while acknowledging each other's weaknesses.

It breaks my heart to see middle-aged spouses (and their families) broken by affairs, financial insufficiencies and lack of trust. One wonders if this is meant to be a phase before fine tuning into wrinkled lovebirds before meeting God. A phase, in which the couple will experience forgiveness and reconciliation for marital unfaithfulness, humility- by accepting their limited means to expend, and perhaps, discover trust and how it could be used to keep a family together.

Haha... I guess I will not know it. Not now. Maybe never :)


JustJess said…
I know how you feel pal. But I believe that God will prepare us either to be married of stay single. Till then, enjoy the journey of discovery ;)
andrea said…
by you saying that you're afraid of hurting that someone already makes you a man who will not disappoint his future wife. :)
crazyhorsechief said…
same fear exists when couples decide whether to have children, whether their kids will turn out ok and grow up to be responsible adults. most of the time they decide to have children anyway ;)
step said…
Is your title from "Green Eyes"? Cause if it is(or even if its not), I'm telling you the song seriously rocks. =)
soundtheology said…
Hahaha.. Indeed it is. It's one of my all time favourites from Damien. Really rocks!

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