That Special Dame

That special dame who will know my heart
Sometimes I wonder if we are miles apart.

I don't know if I have already met you,
Or had conversations, sharing tales and truth.

I wonder if I'd given you rides in my car
Or stood you up while you stared at the stars.

Have we sat through movies together?
Sharing popcorn and warmth, when you laughed
and when you shuddered.

Have you tasted my winding journeys?
When short cuts failed, and jams taunted my punctuality

Was I ever there for you when you cried or sighed?
Brought humor to the air to dry your puffy eyes

Did we pray together before, knocking on heaven's door
For some divine interaction, to help us get through life's distractions?

I search for you, that special dame
Where you are, not from where you came.

To walk with you through hills and valleys
And carry our crosses into our heavenly family


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