Silent Mode

My phone has been on silent-mode over the past two nights. I just turned it on. Somehow, not hearing the phone ring has been therapeutic. Sometimes a little bit of silence from can be refreshing.

I have been on silent-mode myself over a few things lately. About a month and a half ago, I decided to take a break from my overbearing deadlines and normal routine. I wanted to lighten the workload, receive a little more space to breathe and regroup before the next year happens. I've also been dealing with various issues that have made me realise how much more I need to grow before I can reach the next milestone of age 30.

I've always held to the belief that I would need to solve my major issues (character and personality) before I hit the big three. Very sadly, while I was doggedly heading that direction, I hit a break wall this year and have encountered more red flags in me to deal with. I guess, obstacles build character.

Twentyfivecents Creative Solutions, my company, is now operating in PJ, Old Town. I've been exploring video production but am still concentrating on graphic design as my core business. I decided that I needn't take on too many jobs because I didn't want to be bogged down by late nights and urgent deadlines. And I hate rushed jobs. Clients, take note. I wanted to give priority to other important areas of my life. Like, finding a wife. Kidding. Really, I- Am-Kid-ding! (am really not cut up for relationships, so girls or guys don't waste time with me!)

Now, I'm working with children with special needs. It's something I really enjoy doing and would like to see these children progress.

Over the next six months, I plan to relaunch my business with a better direction. So it's back to the drawing board!


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