Accidental Escapes

I just came home from almost having a head-on collision. Wasn't thinking straight. Overtook a car turning into a junction by driving into the on-coming lane. I didn't see the car turning into the on-coming lane from the left (blocked by the turning car on my lane). Both of us were about to accelerate but we jammed our brakes in time. I drive a Kancil. Phew! It was close shave.

Almost had another accident on my way home. Didn't see the motorbike speeding up from behind me. Made a quick turn, but missed him by a close distance.

On Tuesday, I almost ran into a black dog on a badly lit main road in Puchong at 8pm. Managed to swerve and not knock into other cars. I think the dog escaped too. Saw it run on the pavement later.

It's been a horrible week and it's showing in my driving. Oh well.


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