Turning Thirty Three

So I've turned thirty-three. Some have reminded me that this was the age Jesus, urmm..., the year he was crucified. [For the record, crucifixion isn't on my to-do list before I die - although I'm crucified with Christ and I'm forgiven of every wrong]. Well, unlike Jesus, who had somewhat a view of the big salvation plan, I can't see beyond and I don't fully have a plan ahead of me. I did once upon a time.

When I turned 25, I drew out a masterplan with markers on what I should be doing, reading and getting involved with. The plan spanned about 10 years (25-35 and beyond). I even had timeframes for courtship, marriage and ministries to serve in. At age thirty, I re-drew those plans, basing my life on Jesus who served his three final earthly years spreading the good news. But shortly after those plans were drawn out, I regressed. Failing in almost everything.

Now, three years later, I'm staring at my present and future, without a plan. I have an idea where I should be going, but the details aren't so clear. And somehow, I'm happy that I don't have those details worked out yet. Sometimes, it's fun to guess the picture on a puzzle set that's being formed than to be worked up by geting all the pieces nicely fitted in place.

For now, I'm enjoying having a palindrome for an age number. No matter how you look at it, it's still the same. I don't feel older. I hope I don't look too old (my friend's client who came by my office yesterday and thought I was in my twenties. Yay me!). And so, I'm just going to take simple steps, trust God for His plans, and breathe all the air I can as I seize the moment.




Anonymous said…
Hey, I was/am in a rough place in life right now, but reading this somehow touched me and reminds me to trust in Him to carry me through the next steps. Thank you (: God bless
twentyfivecents said…
Hey there,

I'm sorry you're in a rough place now. Life gets tough every now and then. For some, longer and harder. But that's where we learn to encourage each other and help carry each others' load. I'm glad this post has touched you. And you're right, trusting Him to get you through the next steps is the way to go. Well if you want to talk further, you can email me at: twentyfivecents@gmail.com :) Hope you find your footing and take the rights steps :) God bless you.

Pari said…
Welcome to getting older. I often say life is like wine, it gets better with age. Enjoy the 30s! I am looking forward to my '44th'.
twentyfivecents said…
Thanks Pari :) That's great! Hope your birthday celebration was meaningful!
Anonymous said…
I set a masterplan to get on a marriage on 27 when i was teenager. I even set up a plan to have 2 children on 30 and should had finished doctoral degree. Now I'm 31 and none of them were fulfilled. Hahaha... I learn that having a masterplan is good, but at the and, His masterplan does work :) Happy monday, Kev...

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