My Two Mandarin Oranges

Gong Xi Fa Cai. I had the best Mandarin Oranges at Club Seven on the eve of Chinese New Year. I got off early from work and decided to spend my precious hours playing pool.

So, my brother and I hopped over to Club Seven in Subang. In the mood of the festive, each player at the club were given a pair of complimentary mandarin oranges.

I wonder what the symbollism was. But heck, they tasted damn good.

By now, the balls, cues and table would bear the stench of sweet-smelling oranges, with sticky fingerprints and orange rind.

Pool's fun on CNY. I wonder if I'd get muruku during Deepavali.


Anonymous said…
Mandarin oranges = 'kum' (in Canto), which sounds like the canto word for 'gold'. So giving the mandarins symbolises wealth.

Also much cheaper than actually giving real gold.
Anonymous said…
Plus, you can eat them.

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