Sleep no enough power

This morning, I was rudely awaken by the blasphemous shriek of my Nokia 3315's alarm. Nah, just kidding. I didn't have any problems waking up at 6.45am despite hitting the sack at 3.30am.

In the past week, I've been getting up really early just to get work done at the office. Some time last week I remembered the quote: "To sleep in satisfaction you need to start the day with determination." Nescafe helps me determine the day.

Though I don't believe that life is about work, a large portion of my waking hours are spent with macs and PCs, clients and all sorts of species in the working world. And when stress kicks in, I pause to wonder if I had made the right career choices. "Should I be doing something else for a living?"... "hmm.. I should be paid more for what I'm doing...", "I want to sleep..zzzz..zz..z..." But surprisingly, I enjoyed this week's hectic schedule. I was doing some work for a friend's company (we're pals actually). And though the job wasn't one that permitted a comfortable time frame (most design jobs tend to be last minute anyway), I didn't find it a burden getting caught in traffic jams between supplier and client, making difficult decisions and doing late nights. (Dude, I only did one late night).

Was the stress relieved because the job was for a friend? Yeah, perhaps. But I think what really drove me was the fact that I had ownership over it. It was something I did. The design concept came out of me (not seived through the consultation of higher ups), the paper work was done by me, the iniative with the suppliers - by me.. In a nutshell, I had ownership! And it felt good to see something accomplished through my own hands. And it was God who saw through everything and let me partner Him. Trust me, I can tell how so many things which were out of my control had divine fingerprints.

I guess life's like that. If we're going with the motions and doing something we don't feel a part of, we'd feel apart oft. Determination comes when we decide it's going to happen. Attitude changes the outcome of any job. Ownership and attitude can take you a little further. And when a good day's job is done.. we can sink into our Futon and snooze in delight (unless we have nightmares of Lions).

World without Lion-nightmares...



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