On Saturday night, a few of us presented some songs to the youths at First Baptist Church's valentine's thingy. Unlike MCA's matchmaking cum Valentine's do last year (or the year before), we didn't have dances. But had good food, comedy, a forum on the all-star topic "Boy-girl-Relationship" and music. I had written several songs over the years and decided to sing a couple of my half-baked singles. Half baked because i seldom completed the second stanzas in my songs. By Thursday, we had assembled a musical trio - like Nirvana. Unlike Nirvana, we prayed before and after our jam-session.

The jam session was phenomenal. *FYI, Jam = playing music in a band* None of us had actually jammed in a long time. But that night, new hope was inspired. Lionel created not only rhythm, but melody with the drums. John astonished me with his guitar riffs (he's a drummer by origin) and I suprised myself with how I kept to timing. The music sounded melodious and worth a presentation. We discussed the possibility of us playing as a band. Once again, credit goes to the Maker of music and musicians.

On Saturday, hours before our performance, we employed the expertise of a solid bassist who had transformed our little trio into a little quartet. (that usually happens when a four people are in a band). Ad hoc, we called our band: Soundtheology. Notice the pun in the name? If you haven't yet, drop me an email.

Perhaps, this will be start to more open doors in our musical adventures. Who knows, we would become the next Malaysian Idols. Oh, but then again, sound theology asserts that idols are wrong. Oh well ...

"The average man dies with his music still in him"



daenielle said…
If you guys came up with a cd, I would buy it. Keep that in mind and all the best with composing.
The Hedonese said…
Maybe should invite u all to perform here

followed by a forum on "Will the real Jesus pls stand up?"

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