Heartaches and Stomachaches


Was getting bored with the sight of my previous post, so I'm resorting to journal another week's montage of adventure.

Besides watching my tattoos wear out, my days are filled with page layouts, tiredness and more page layouts. Yes, I have/had two tattoos. One with an eagle on my left bicep and the other on my chest, 30 degrees from my left armpit -- sporting a sword pierced through a heart. They're temporary.

At work, I'm currently working on a book written by a mother of a disabled boy. I shan't say more fearing a premature launch and perhaps risking the book getting plagiarised and me fired. But I must say that it's never easy when expecations in your cute bundle of joy build up, only to behold a deformed baby, a life full of heartache, and perhaps the embarassement you might receive from society - hinting that your's isn't normal. It takes guts, lots of humility and cash to take care of a disabled child. Many opt to give the baby up, sadly.

I kinda decided, that if my baby is disabled/deformed, he or she will still be(and will always be) my baby and deserves all of me. Reading this book only reaffirms that commitment. I guess, it's easier said than done. Though, I hope God would be gracious and provide a healthy baby - free from defects. But I realise (and remind myself) that all babies are normal and able; and ultimately a blessing from God. No such thing as abnormal people. Though I'm beginning to wonder about my classmates in La Salle PJ.

The other topic mulling in my head is Boy-Girl-Relationship. Though I think I'm too old for it, it's been clamouring for attention in my train of thought. Nope, no special someone yet (yes girls, you can send those applications in. First come-first serve basis). But when you have three good friends tying the knot this year and next, you can't help but wonder the mysteries of life.. when a boy meets a girl. And the stuff that follows. But that's for another write.

Reuben is doing ok. Caught a glimpse of him at the hospital last night after his operation. Please keep praying for him. He's pulling through. Will post updates of his condition.

I'm supposed to be on a forty day fast. From sugar and lunch. Well, I'm progressively failing the task, compromising my fasting procedures. I think I will give up the food fast and stick with the sugar fast - on weekdays only. Unless, I get stomachaches . How can one fast with all sorts of conditions? I think I need to re-evaluate my motives for fasting. Hopefully my youth members are doing better. The last time I fasted was during Ramadhan with my Muslim brothers and sisters. Boy was that a tough one! Really man, BismiIlahi Rahmani Rahim!!!

Till my next post,

Chill ...


Chipmunkrock said…
too old?!? HELLO!
kev said…
ha ha.. well, you know me lah. I look 18 but feel 80!!!

Jess said…
hey Kev, are your 3 gd friends refering to May, Ben & April? :)

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