War of the 'Worlds'

I think 'War of the Worlds' is a misnomer to the movie I watched on Saturday Night. The movie, which took up RM 10 of my night (Erik, will pay you this week) was merely a war between America and Aliens. Well, precisely a war between a father of two against several larger-than-life alien-made machines. Errm, it wasn't even a war. It was a blatant anihilation of earthly lifeform. What else can you expect from Spielberg?

I expected more. Compared to ID4, WOTW hardly had that 'letskickalienass' impact. Firstly, the movie zooms in from a societal catastrophe into how one man saves the world from the alien terrorists, and it stops there. No fantastic battle plan by the air-force, no alliances with other countries to cripple the aliens, basically nothing to back it up as 'War of the Worlds'.

All I can say about the movie is: GSC One Utama has fantastic seats!!! (thanks Selena for choosing those seats)

A girl fell and threw up all over the cinema carpet after the movie. A few of us stepped in to offer help but she was alright. Hmm, "Was the movie that bad?"

Ps: But it wasn't all that badlah.. I really liked the effects - sound and graphics, and how the suspense was built.


Sivin Kit said…
I had a whole movie theater to myself today watching "I am David" I felt God gave me "space" I mean a lot of "space" to appreciate especially the ending song.

anyway, I agree GSC 1 utama new wing has fantastic seats. and I like the overall design of the cineplex.

oh yeah .. you are the second person I heard who made the comment about it's about USA and not the world. of course, we know USA is not the world but hopefully more people reaize that :-)

I havent' watched the movie yet ... still "meditating" on Batman begins ... and parts of "I am David"
daenielle said…
Hey, GSC 1U is open already???

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