Reuben Needs Prayer

Dear blog readers, here is an urgent post for your kind and sincere attention. Reuben is a gentleman I've come to know quite recently. He's my cousin's best friend, and lately we've been hanging out a little. Read on as my cousin's email will tell more ...

Dear friends,

A month ago, I wasn't sure why I had this urge to return to Kuala Lumpur after my studies in Melbourne. I prayed and asked God to show me the right path. Right now I guess this is one of the reasons why. For those who didn't know, I became a born again Christian early this year. Ever since then I see God working in my life in many ways.

When I met my best friend, Reuben, since I came back to KL, he saw the change in me. He didn't know about me becoming a born again Christian. He sarcastically asked, "What's with you la, bro? You found God isit? (Malaysian talk)". And I replied, "Yes and I truly believe Jesus is my Lord and Saviour".This impacted Reuben of course. We're so close we're almost like brothers. However he didn't take it seriously. Just early this week, I sent him a text message if he was free on Sunday so that I could ask him to visit my church. He didn't reply that message. I felt discouraged.

On Friday afternoon, I had a call from friend..... somehow I expected this to happen... I don't know why but I expected it. Reuben met a serious car accident on Thursday morning 3 am. The accident was so bad that the car was burnt and beyond recognition. The lamp post he hit was uprooted from the ground. Reuben suffered more than 40% burns and a possible fractured bone on his spine.Please don't misunderstand that this happened because he didn't take my words seriously. There is nothing “hocus pocus” or “pantang” (superstitious) about this incident. I expected this to happen because of the way he drives. This incident could happen to anyone including to you and me.However I believe that God was not going to let Reuben go. Nobody knows who pulled him out from the burning car which burnt in a matter of minutes. Whoever it was, I believe it was God’s hands on Reuben.

Right now Reuben is in General Hospital, KL and his condition is uncertain. My Dad said looking at his current state, it is possible that he could die anytime and we need to pray for him. Whether if God heals him or not we have to assure that his soul is in God’s hands. I have talked to him to take of this matter seriously.

To my Christian friends please pray for Reuben. Whether he is dies or survives, he needs Salvation. To my non Christian friends, please don’t think that I’m being religious because I do not have a religion. I just believe in Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

And if you know Reuben, please do visit him. He may or may not live long. God Bless

Aaron Ponniah

"How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation, which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed to us by those who heard Him"Hebrews 2:3


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