Farewell Babu

A lot of people don't believe animals have souls. I choose not to believe so. One day, I'll see my pets in heaven. Heaven will be the real "Pets Wonderland".

On Sunday night/Monday morn, I lost Babu. My best friend, my child. Though Babu was a cat, he had made a difference in our family. Infact, he was family. There was never a day without his playful moments. When he was younger, he would climb our synthetic Christmas tree, just to be seen and gain attention from us in the hall.

Other times, he would hop around and ambush our feet. We do the same to him, like little children playing tag.He likes ambushing us on the couch -- his lazy chair.

Mom had a special relationship with him. He would sit right infront of her while she works on the Star Crossword puzzle at night. Mom made sure he had clean sand for his sanitary comfort. Babu grew pampered to such provisions. Mom cared for his abssessed left eye which he was found with. Though he hated the eye drops, he knew it would do him good. Sometimes, he would hide the bottle of eyedrops. His taste in meals upgraded from Ikan Kembong to Friskies. Occassionally I fed him Ikan Bilis, which he seemed to enjoy.

Quinton too had good times with him, though I can't recall the Kodak moments.

John and Babu were best friends. They would look forward to each other. Babu would spend late nights on his bed while he worked on his college projects in the wee hours of the morning. They played a lot and were looking forward to more after John's finals (which was the day after Babu had died).

We talked to Babu as if he was a real person. He would answer (which I'm sure made sense if we understood his language). Laughter always filled our home.

I remember those morning prayer moments when Babu would sit by my side on my bed. He would paw my lips, when I pray, as if asking me what I was doing. I would tell him, I'm talking to Jesus. When I play the guitar, he would sometimes run his paws down the strings mimicking my gestures.I would call him "sayang" while cuddling him.

If daddy was around today, I'm sure there'll be another set of eyes flooding the house with tears.

It's so difficult, it's so difficult losing something so precious.

I feel incomplete now. Monday night was a difficult one. I couldn't hold up yesterday morning before work. I can't stop thinking of him. I know my family is having it tough too.

I can't care less about work, my deadlines, and everything else, because it hurts. (Nevertheless, I'm responsible enough not leave my clients in a lurch). Where work is concerned, my heart isn't there. I care a lot more now about eternity. About taking care of God's gifts (animals, nature, etc); about connecting people with Christ. Because that's important. Everything else pales in comparison.

I wish more people will love animals in the same way my family does.

I hate people who hate animals. I hate people who don't give a sh*t about roadkill (and think it's ok to drive off after hitting one). I hate people who think its ok to kill cockroaches, rats and other pests (for goodness sake, use your freaking brains, they were also created). I hate people who lay abuses on animals and think it's ok.

I miss Babu.


sel said…
Hey kev, i feel ur pain.. :/ sorry bout ur lost. i've always believe there is animals in heaven coz God love all things He has created and would want us to enjoy n have special relationships with His unique creation. I love animals of all kinds minus the bugs. There r many roadkills daily n eveytime i see one.. my heart goes out to the animal.. yea i hate those ppl who thinks only about reaching their destination.. n another animal on the road is nothing to them. take care ok? God will provide your family n looks after all of u. *hugs*
Anonymous said…
Hey Bro, sorry to hear about Babu. I'm an animal lover myself too aside from the fleas that they carry. That aside,i know how it feels to lose someone dear to us all. Although time heals most pain,i hope you'll pick youself up on your feet again. You've got us for lotsa support,that's for sure =). May the Lord be with you and your family.
Anonymous said…
i am really sorry for Babu...it really hurts when your beloved pet passes away. the house just seems more silent and empty when they are not there. to some people, they are just cats, (some of them would think they are second-class to dogs, the war never ends...), i also feel that they are souls, they have precious life within them, which is the same for us humans, and feelings, and emotions and the need for love. take good care, hope all will be well...
Aaron said…
Hey bro,

I'm really sorry about Babu. Glad I met him that night. He is such a loving cat. I'm really touched that John actually walked all the way from the apartment to rescue Babu from the monsoon drain. Babu almost died from the ants that were running all over him. You guys did a great thing to rescue Babu and to accept him as part of your family and I'm sure Babu appreaciates what you've done for him.

May God bless Babu and your family.

Jess said…
Babu's a real blessing & he was so blessed to be part of your family too. Press on bro! God be with u all.
jedibaba said…
Reuben and now Babu... lots of losses. Time for lots of tears...That's ok.
Kev to all who commented and read said…
Hey all, I'm really blessed by your kind and comforting words. Really, I never knew how affected I'd be losing Babu. Guess what King Solomon said is true: Sadness has a refining effect on us all. Have been reading Genesis to refresh my perspective on man's mandate to take care of the world and realise all the more the need for us to pay attention to creation as a whole - flora and fauna.. So thanks again for being real. Love.

catshyte said…
i was really sorry to hear abt babu, kev.. and yeah I believe in the ultimate pet-wonderland too... it'll be a grand reunion with all our loved ones indeed..

tc and hope to see u soon enuff..
catshyte said…
i was really sorry to hear abt babu, kev.. and yeah I believe in the ultimate pet-wonderland too... it'll be a grand reunion with all our loved ones indeed..

tc and hope to see u soon enuff..

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