Where's My Nose?

John, my youngest brother had a good laugh overhearing a conversation between mom and Quinton. Quinton's my clown brother.
(The script may not be entirely accurate as I wasn't there, but the pun in the conversation is captured here)

Quinton: Mummy! Where's my nose?

Mom: How do I know where you put it?

Quinton: My nose is from the USA you know!!

Quinton had misplaced a vital component of his clown's anatomy and was hoping mom spotted it. The red piece of latex which is usually found strewn around the house not only puts a smile on children's faces, but a bigger one on the bacteria trapped from evaporated sweat and mucous of a happy clown.


Chipmunkrock said…
daenielle said…
Say hi to your mom, Quinton and John for me. That was hilarious!!! Definately had to come from a clown!

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