Goth Style?

If I don't die in an accident later, I'd probably be killed now by the haze that's permeating my office with scarcely any windows. Our windows are usually shut. The haze is bad.

Couple of nights ago, I contemplated donning myself in Goth fashion. Black clothes, Black fingernails, messy hairdo, pale complexion (which is highly impossible) and perhaps several more holes on my ears. On Saturday, my cousin and I joked about dressing up in such a manner for a cousin's wedding. It'll be Kodak to watch the reaction of relatives at the wedding. Especially the pottu-clad ladies in their psychadelic sarees and massive array of gold jewelry.

Well, the thought happened after we spotted a bunch our very own Malaysian Goths (once again, Malaysia Boleh!). The Up Town pasar malam/illegal VCD trade fair which happens everyday after 12 am and culminates on weekends is an interesting place to meet people. It's not only the place you would go to to get good bargains, It's the hub for all Malay youngsters in KL/PJ (besides Dataran Merdeka, Naili's place, Lake Gardens and Pertama Komplek).

I blended in well. My Malay-blood count increased.

While walking with my cousins, a school of Goths swam through the crowds, in a demure and dark fashion. They not only wore black, they were very monofocal. They walked with one common goal. Their eyes were fixed on that one goal (which I think was to get to the other end of the pasar malam while absorbing as many stares as possible). Avoiding eye contact with the crowd of 600, they were an item. Four or five Malay Goths with an attractive looking Chinese Girl Goth who wore pale make up.

I thought they looked catchy.

Goths are largely miscontrued. Most would link them to Satanism, Marilyn Manson and vampires. The definition of Goth, in fact is left to each to perceive. Far from its origin, (Goths were early Germanics. The Visigoths who overthrew the Roman Empire were eventually known as Barbarians.) the modern Goth Culture sparked off in England following punk rock music. The Goth Culture.

Goth Culture in essence reflect the depression, angst and melancholy, funnelled through the followers' dresscode and topics of conversation. Religion, surprisingly is a topic of interest to some. I guess, what interests me a little is how much the outward appearance can reflect the inward condition of a person. I wonder if other cultures such as hip-hoppers, Mat Rempits, skaters, rastafarians, etc. reflect a distinct temperament. Would be interesting to find out.

Though I'm not depressed, I think I'll go for the Goth look sometime.


Aaron said…
We can do the Goth look for Surina's engagement ;).

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