Hug Me.

Ok. It's been a while since I wrote.

I'd plan to journal my experiences in Europe. But guess what? I didn't. Nevertheless my blog has hit about 3000 visits now. 2,500 were probably mine. Yes. I am that sad.

So for all of you who have ardently followed my ramblings and are thinking twice about continuing, I owe you a huge thank you for reading and dropping your comments. And tagging.

I'd like to personally hug each of you. And for that to happen, you could hope over to my church - First Baptist Church on the 31 December 2005 for our watchnight service. There, upon breaking into the new year (which always happens late), we exchange hugs and handshakes as gestures of appreciation for bearing with each other for the past year.

Unfortunately, we don't serve wine.

Life in A Glance
In a nutshell, life has been a huge nutshell for me. If you like eating ground nuts (or familiarly called kacang), the thrill of enjoying a packet full is actually breaking each peanut shell to retrieve its produce.

My recent years have been ground(nut)breaking. From church all the way to work and family life, new things are happening. While most people (my age or somewhere around there) are settling down in their careers and family lives, I'm looking for new things. Though I get contented easily with life, I know that there's more. More shells to rip open.

Ok, ok... away with the ambiguities. Here are a few new things on my plate:

If you don't already know, I'm working on my own. I'm a designer and copywriter. I know, people have told me to focus on one area of work. But really, that's not me. I like variety. I'd like to see a different picture. Perhaps beyond the common perspective.

Some have voiced concern over my venturing into the business world. Sadly, the ones giving me the 'oh-itsnotagoodidea' advice have never tried it themselves. I've learnt that business is not only about taking calculated risks, it's about serving others with your talents that can impact people's lives. I'm not too obsessed with the dollars and sens. I'm more keen about taking art and media to a competitive level - redeeming it of its rotteness (which is adulterated with sex and weak values). Nevertheless, the skills and spills of administration and developing business sense is something I'd have to learn over time.

twentyfivecents will be my official way of expressing that part of me. twentyfivecents is my company's name (just in case you thought it's my blog).

My deadlines are booked for the year. That's both a good thing and a tricky thing. Balancing my time will be a huge lesson. I can either be a workaholic or swing over to the other extreme.

I hope to take my passion for music a step further. Of late, I've been hanging around musicians and people in the arts. It's no doubt inspiring to watch how others are making waves with their creativity and talent. Something I hope will happen in the year to come.

I've found a bassist. Got a drummer. I play the guitar. Am looking for someone who could either work on a second guitar or perhaps produce sounds creatively (keyboard, sitar, etc). Am in the midst of compiling some songs - originally written ones and making mental compositions for the ensemble. Practice will be some time next week.

y o u t h s t o d a y
It doesn't take a 17-A-scoring SPM student to realise that the world is messed up. Malaysia too is getting there in more than one ways. Put people anywhere and you'll see what happens. My concern is for our young people. Toddlers to young adults.

If my peers are messed up themselves, I can't bear to imagine how much worse things will get when their teenagers dominate the land. So, I feel compelled to work on young people's lives right now - the development of wholesome values, discernment of good and evil, and making sense.

With these initial thoughts, I've come to terms with my journey's challenges. A lot of what I'm doing is still in its infancy. It's a new world. Pretty groundbreaking. In the midst of chaos in the world, I'm just spewing out thoughts which may be within the Lord's will for my life. Am learning to surrender to His leading.



If you have spotted typos or incoherrence in any of the points made - it's because I'm really zonked at the time of composition. It's not always easy to put your thoughts into words at 2:26 am. So comment, to clarify.


Jess said…
what abt family Kev? hehe..

business takes abt 5 yrs to stabilize. Before that, it'll be a rollercoaster ride.But I hv faith that u'll survive fairly well.U hv my full support! ;)
Alpha said…
Wow great planning...and you had a good start with both cool names: twentyfivecents + sound theology. Cool terms hehe.

All the best in your business and band, I truly believe you can impact the world throught these 3 ways. :)

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